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Articles that apply to all Revit discipline versions

Reducing Project File Size

July 2014

[x] Don't let your project RVT files get over 150Mb in size. Beyond that size Revit performance will be greatly effected.

[] To reduce your project file size, do a regular SaveAs... to a temporary file (Revit will started editing that file) and then do a SaveAs... back again to the original project name.
Accept the 'Overrite existing file' warning. Check in Explorer the new and previous file sizes. In some cases it can be reduced by as much as 50%.

Archiving Project Files

May 2014

[x] At the end of a job, don't just archive the project file without optimizing the file size. Once a job is finished you don't need to archive unused Family definitions.

[] Do a Manage: 'Purge Unused' action to condense the file.
Be aware that some useful element Type definitions may be removed so make sure you transfer them to your Library first before Purging.


May 2011

[x] Don't Install Autodesk Revit products while your anti-virus software is running. Set to a Temporary Disable state during an install.

[] Always do a Harddrive Cleanup and Defrag before doing Installations and Defrag afterwards.


May 2011

Revit Performance

Installed RAM

[] Make sure you have workstation RAM installed that is close to 20
times (yes 20x) your largest saved project file size.

[Download] SCS - Best Practice for Large Revit Projects 080828.pdf

Exploding Drawings

August 2011


Legacy Linework

[x] If you are using Imported legacy AutoCAD drawings in a Family, don't Explode the DWG file. 101 small drawing lines converted to native Revit lines on explode, will add to the element count inside the Family definition. If the exploded drawing family is placed multiple times in your project then it will make it less efficient.

Saving Projects

August 2011


Regular Saves

[] Always Save your project at regular intervals. Not just because of security but so that Revit can rebuild the database as elements are added or modified.

[] From time to time always do a SaveAs... of your project to a totally different file name so Revit can rebuild the database and in doing so clean out data that cannot be purged as such. Your project file size will often get drastically reduced by up to 20% or even 50% in size.

Revit Arch Modeling

Articles that apply to all Revit discipline versions

Reference Planes

Aug 2011

[x] Don't Align Lock one element to another element.

[] Always create Reference Planes to control placed elements.

Revit Struct Rendering

Articles that apply to all Revit discipline versions

Rendering Time

July 2011

Rendering Time

Render Time

[] Always check your materials to make sure that they don't have properties that un-necessarily increase render time.

[x] Avoid highly reflective and shiny materials wherever possible.
At a small output print size (and Revit uses 72 dpi) they will not add greatly to the image quality.

[x] Don't use too many lights, they all increase rendering time.

Revit MEP Documentation

Articles that apply to Revit MEP


July 2012

Details from Lines

Detail Lines

[] Create Details from Detail Component Families. If really necessary manually draw Annotation > Lines in the family environment, then Load into Project.

[x] Don't create lots of manual Annotation Detail Lines in Project views OR Drafting Views. When creating Details always select all elements in the Detail and check from the Filter dialog that you only have a minimal number of Lines.

Revit MEP Family Making

Articles that apply to all Revit discipline versions

Nested Families

July 2011

Nested Families


[x] Don't nest Families more than 3 or 4 levels deep.

[] Keep the use of Formula to a minimum if the family is to be used in a nested situation.

[] Have a different naming convention for families that are going to be nested and Shared.

Use Symbolic Reps in 2D Views

July 2011


Symbolic Lines

[x] Don't use 3D elements for 2D Views. They will take longer for Revit to generate in the view. Turn off the 3D element by Visibility setting and reduce the amount of Hidden Line removal computation required for each view.

[] Always create 2D Symbolic Line representations of the 3D components for when seen in Plan, Elevation and Section Views. This will keep up display speed by saving on computation time.
Consider using the boundary edges of any Masking Regions to also work as Symbolic lines.

Cleanup Before Save to Library

July 2011

[] Always do a Purge Unused before saving your final Family definition to your library.

[] Always delete all unused Materials, Line Styles and Fill patterns.

[x] Don't leave in the definition any 'rubbish' such as setout Model Lines or Groups that could be Ungrouped.

Shared Parameters

July 2011

Shared Parameter Groups

SP Groups

[] Always use the same parameter names in all categories of families where possible.

[] Always use the same parameter naming convention. Stick to the conventions used in the Autodesk supplied families. Remember they are Case and Space sensitive.

[x] Don't have more than one Shared Parameter file in a multi-user company environment. Don't create Schedules from different Shared Parameter look up files, use a single Shared Parameter .TXT file. You can have as many Groups and Parameter names as you like in a Shared Parameter file. Give the Parameter Groups names that relate to the Revit element category or use in a project.